Road to nowhere – Chapter 1 – LAKES

IMG_2776IMG_3623IMG_3504IMG_3503IMG_3486IMG_3485IMG_2821IMG_3466IMG_0774When no sea is in sight, I can do with a lake. It reproduces similar feelings. With some evident differences, of course. A lake is limited, often you can see the coast in front of you, except the very huge ones. The sea is neverending. Even a little closed sea like the Mediterranean seems to be like that. A lake – with its well defined limits – is nearer to our human condition: it can be beautiful but you know it has to end.

Some stretches of road along our northern italian lakes,with mountains, villas, palm-trees and old villages are visually near to perfection.


“Road to Nowhere” is a free digital photobook with texts. All the chapters will be periodically published on this same blog.

3 thoughts on “Road to nowhere – Chapter 1 – LAKES

  1. Northern Italian lakes? Do I see Lago di Garda? So beautiful there. Can’t believe how many bikes. My only regret was that we traveled from Canada and couldn’t ride bike up there with all the luggage. I love the vintage feel to your blog. Nice.


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