Top Models.


End of ’60s and beginning of ’70’s was the era of the the new Hollywood: suddendly an actor should no more necessarly be a tall, muscled, blonde, blueyed wasp: Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffmann, Al Pacino were the new “average” heroes. Maybe this was the reason behind these two Gaman and Barbour ads.

A few years later I knew Gaman for fancy seats for Vespas. The  company, based in Rho, near Milano, and born in 1926, made also seats for bikes and leather jacket and overalls. “With a Gaman overall you become Superman” tells the italian headline. So the guy with glasses should act as Clark Kent? Honestly: he deserves a price as the ugliest model in history. The ad was sure not the luckiest for Gaman: the two captions describing the pics are switched over.

Barbour man is a little better, but he too does not seem to be your average handsome, tall, broad-shouldered model. Anyway both him and the Gaman man show that overalls don’t  fit everyone of us.

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