Road to nowhere – Chapter 5 – SEASIDES

I’m born by the sea. This fact maybe is enough to explain my fascination.
There was a time in which I spent a lot of time “in” the sea. Swimming and
playing when I was a young boy, a bit of saling afterwards. Then my years
as a surfer. From the blue, quiet Mediterranean, with its crowded beaches, sunny climate and lazy atmosphere to the challenging Atlantic and Pacific Ocean waves. And then the windy rocky shores of the English Channel.  Anyway, whenever I heard the familiar sounds of the backwash, I feel like home.
Now I spend more time “by” the sea, not “in”. And more often in winter or
mid-seasons than in summer. I’m getting older: I prefer silence. Just being there gives me a sense of peace. Seaside landscapes have a sort of
harmony, a balance that even the most perfect Tuscan hills lack. I like
harbours, lighthouses, beach houses, seaside villages. I prefer those
places more than totally wild shores. I’m happier in Montecarlo than in
“The sea is always doing something” wrote Italian author Vittorio G. Rossi.

“Road to Nowhere” is a free digital photobook with texts. All the chapters will be periodically published on this same blog.

all pics by blog author

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