1977 Jaguar XJS.

launch-hill_1_llaunch-hill_2_llaunch-hill_4_llaunch-hill_5_llaunch-hill_6_llaunch-hill_7_llaunch-hill_9_llaunch-hill_10_llaunch-hill_11_llaunch-hill_12_llaunch-hill_14_llaunch-hill_15_llaunch-hill_16_llaunch-hill_19_lThis gorgeous 1977 Jaguar XJS launch brochure is the last of this kind. It marks the end of the glorious GT man era and guides us into the eighties. (Seventies ended indeed with Never Mind The Bollocks by the Sex Pistols, that same 1977). The brochure contains all the stereotypes of this kind of material: the graphic design,  the moustached playboy, the charming gal, the locations, the situations. But his jacket and her hairdo are already stepping into the ’80s and there’s a general air of decadence. That makes the gloomy charm of the atmosphere.

The car is beautiful: red with those Kent alloys. A strange animal the XJS: unloved when launched cause its angular lines were not classic Jaguar and cause it was more a GT than a sport car. But it soldiered on for years, well into the ’90s with both 6 and 12 cylinders engines. At a certain moment used XJSs were very cheap and its image dipped.

Now it’s a beautiful classic. I want one, with those same alloys of this brochure, an early one, in white and with the 12 cylinders engine. The last GT man car.

2 thoughts on “1977 Jaguar XJS.

  1. My husband bought a 6 cylinder convertible a few years ago, after looking at some lovely 60’s era British convertibles. He was just too tall to fit comfortably in old MG’s, etc. But the XJS is a great, comfortable Grand Tourer. And ours has been fairly reliable…not cheap to fix, but not too many fixes needed. And it looks so good. It’s still an affordable, underrated, classic.


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