Sid and I.

Sid Vicious was the perfect example of the youth/rock/rebel anthem “Live Fast, Die Young”. Aged 22 he was gone. Normally he’s associated with pics in which, under the effect of some illicit substance, he swears, spits, screams or other. Sid Vicious was the reason I started to play music. And to play bass, even if later in life I switched to guitar. So I like to remember him with his white Fender Precision. He was not able to play. And that was the GREAT thing. Anybody could pick a battered bass guitar and start a group. The era of those sad wankers of the Progressive Rock was dead for ever. Rock’n’ roll was there to stay.

Fender Precisions were expensive in Italy, even if second-hand. So I bought an Eko bass for 100.000 liras ( around 50 euros). Two weeks later I played my first gig, as the bass-player and back-singer of an opening act for a better skilled band. We played no Pistols songs, but a Ramones one ( “I don’t care”), among a few others.

We played very bad but applauses were strong by our beer-filled highschool mates audience. I was in a band!! Thanks, Sid.

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