BEST OF THE MARQUIS: vintage bike ads babes.

7ef22e9accc98652c45458bf9b707cd162968bsa650motorcycle1191970_ac50_japan1a_10141970-lambretta1971-mag-motociclismo-0619721ablack-magicbmwbrochure-laverda-1000-1972brochure210girl1bsa-1967cb750ko1cfczech210leaflet4duc-2duc-3ducati-2ducati-reputationgirl-on-a-motorcycle-046indonesian-bikini-bikerjap-as-anno-70kawamoped-1moped-2moped-7moped-8norton5shaftyamaha-why-notMaybe because I’m a musician too, I like the BEST OFs.  So, even if THE MARQUIS is less then one year old ( we are born in September 2014) we’ll use this long lazy days of August ( when not being out for a ride) posting some collection of pics from our story. In this 11 months we’ve been able to publish almost 1000 posts, mostly about vintage motoring matters, so we have some useful and entertaining stuff.

First BEST OF is dedicated to bike gals. Mostly from advertising and mostly from ’60s and ’70s. Hope you will enjoy it.

And if you want see more of it, lay down, take a cold drink and read THE MARQUIS blog from day one.

Have good rides.

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