BEST OF THE MARQUIS: vintage bike ads couples.

16-sf-750-motociclismo-march-197254f45764b2f55f911fb3c0bac48d8a5d250_road_front1966_b100p_pair_8001971-apr-motociclismo-03cb3501el-4-71honda-cd125mv-ipotesi-02pot-1tr-1One of the favorite subject by The Marquis. Happy, crazy, smiling, loving couples doing silly things next to their bikes. Things like playing a guitar or even playing a trumpet! Couples of all ages, beautiful and ugly, taken from ’60s and ’70s bike ads from all around the world.

More than other subjects these are an example of a world that does not exist anymore, even if the classic and hipster scenes try to recreate it some ways.

Look at all THE MARQUIS blog: you’ll find plenty not featured on this best of.

Couples and bikes. Today the same kind of ad would picture a couple in their sixties, riding a BMW R1200GS Adventure, wearing the same expensive outfit and the same helmet, talking in the microphone, pointing at the GPS, saying that the hotel that they  booked on-line is just 7.59 kms ahead.

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