Passo dello Stelvio and Passo del Mortirolo.


If you follow this blog you know that most of the posts are dedicated to what I call “vintage motoring culture and lifestyle”, that meaning mostly sixties and seventies original pics, advertising or other, reproducing motorbikes and cars in their original environment. But I’m not a geek spending my whole time searching for old images. I’m the Marquis. I appreciate beautiful things in life. And, talking about motors, I owned and daily used a heterogenous mix of fine machines, both on two and four wheels.

And I did some epic rides/drives.

I went from Milano to Britanny, North-West of France, with my 1972 Vespa 125TS, 1400 kms, passing through the Alps and crossing all France.

In a different way another epic drive was: in Rome, from my flat upon the hill till downtown, at the Terme di Caracalla. Just a few kilometers but it was my wedding and I was riding my 1967 two-tones yellow/white 1967 Lambretta 125Special, with my wife as a pillion and my friends following us in a car and taking pics, Dolce Vita style.

Or when I took a flight to Paris to collect my 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, that my mate Martin bought for me in UK. I saw it in a underground parking on the Champs Elysées and then drive it, together with my friend, from Paris till Rome, then its new home.

Or again to Brittany. But from Rome and with my Jaguar XJ Sovereign. 2500 kms with no stops, except quick pauses at Autogrill, gliding in the night listening to “A man and a woman” movie soundtrack.

Or a 4000 kms ride on my BMW boxer two years ago, without a single kilometer of highway, chasing the most beautiful scenic routes of France.

Yesterday I rode two of the most beautiful and famous alpin passes in Italy and probably in the world: the Mortirolo and the Stelvio. Quiet, almost hidden and intimate the first, spectacular and loaded with motorbikes the second. At 2760 mt on sea level the Stelvio is the second highest in Europe and people from all over the continent do the 46 (or 37, it depends on the slope) hairpins ascent by bicycle, motorbikes, car.

There’s nothing better than a nice ride.

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