Yamaha XT500.

Yamaha XT500 79Yamaha XT500 79  1Yamaha XT500 81Yamaha XT500 88

We were young. The luckiest ones among us friends just upgraded from our Ciaos or Vespas 50 to a PX125, a PX200 or a small motorbike. And then one day a mate arrived with his XT500. That was something.

I remember me and him, on wild nights out during the summer…bar, discos, chasing the girls, etc. At the end of the night, so we’re talking about mornings ( the words “chill out” and “after-hours” still did not exist), both quite stoned, he eventually let me be the rider but only… if I was able to kick the bike alive. We were in such a sad state that more than often neither me nor him were able to kick the XT alive…

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