2 thoughts on “Suzuki DR 250.

  1. that DR250 has perfect early 1982 style. it’ is beautiful, when you gaze upon it for awhile.
    that motor would sound and feel very pleasant. the 1982 RM250 was by far best stock motocross bike ever made up till 1982, of any motocross bike ever made, it was amazing. I raced one for one moto in 1982 and was going to easily win the pro/expert class until the exhaust pipe split in half at the weld seam.
    the motor, suspension, handle perfection. it was a brand new bike the local Suzuki dealer loaned me to try for one race. it was an impressive incredible bike. normally I raced my own 1982 RM465 which was also a wonderful bike.
    I tell you all this because that DR250 reminds me of the way those 1982 RM looked and I LOVED the RMs that year. very positive emotions for 1982 Suzuki. look how perfect that DR250 looks.


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