Riding alone. (The Saturday “Marquis Classic Repost)

the marquis


Sure I can’t deny the pleasure of riding together with other riders. Friendship is a deep and rich feeling and when you share a passion so intense – as often riding a bike is – you really feel a close, inner link with your mates. So, even a short ride becomes a brief adventure, if you are not alone. Pier Vittorio Tondelli – a talented italian writer who died too early – wrote: “A very tall man alone in a crowd is a freak of nature, two together are a superior race.” Same for a biker. And if the group is formed by many bikes immediatly you feel like an army, proudly parading in town. Then, of course, when it’s time for a pause, a coffee or a lunch, or even a quiet evening dinner if it’s a longer trip, being in a group means to talk, laugh, eat, remember…

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