A different breed: the Black Douglas Sterling Autocycle.


If you are shy and don’t like to talk to people, don’t buy this bike. ‘Cause at every red light in town or coffee stop while riding out of the city people will stop you and ask about the bike, who made it, how, what, when…

This is a bike that makes people smile. And that should be enough to be happy to ride it. The Black Douglas Sterling Autocycle is a production bike. A modern production bike. It is built with care, choosing the best materials, in Italy, not far from Milano. You can buy it new, for real. It reproduces the bikes from the Twenties, with a flat tank and all the charm of that era. You know I’m a poet not a technician, so I will drop just some tech infos: girder fork at the front, no suspension at the rear ( if not some springs under the saddle), drum brakes on both ends, electric start but with a kick too ( I push the button when in the garage and kickstart when in public, just for the show). Two choices of engine – 125 or 250cc – one cylinder, enough poke for what you need. And what you need is riding at slow speeds on a back road. And smile.

I will keep you posted about the Sterling experience.



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