The three kings. (The Saturday “Classic Marquis Repost”)

the marquis


In Italy we have a solid heritage in the matter of excelling in motoring sports or football, being womanizers and enjoying the life pleasures and excesses. But in the second half of the ’60s and first half of ’70s, UK was the country to look at to find three aces in this specific branch. Wild, eccentric, longhaired playboys, that liked booze and smoke. Loved by fans and girls and hated by conformists and bigots. George Best, called the “fifth Beatle”, was born in Belfast, North Ireland, but his football successes are linked to the Manchester United. He was a very talented player, so beautiful to look at, and he was able to be both the first rock’n’roll star in football and a winner of the Ballon d’Or, in 1968. All this until he reached the age of 28. Then he leaved the Reds and started a quite sad back and…

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