Taki Bibelas. ( the Saturday “Classic Marquis Repost”)

the marquis

Untitled-17-75white-jumper-and-jag-35The Drums 1pierre-BW-AmustanginsideIMG_8509IMG_7739-2IMG_5536IMG_5211DP1M1288cheker-BW-Bcarbike8879050309030401Being born in Athens, Greece is perhaps one of the reasons Taki was fascinated at an early age with light and colours. After completing university studies in Communication and Sociology in Canada, he began to travel.

He has evolved a cinematic photographic feel into both the still and moving image, providing timeless images for his fashion and beauty clients, as well as the music industry. His first major film “The Still Point” has been awarded best film in three international festivals. His model’s body language reflect sensual simplicity and elegance, which leads to a vision whose signature is simply, the memorable image. Taki’s iconic photographs have been published in many influential magazines around the world. His editorial clients include Vogue Hommes International, Numero, Vanity Fair, Mixte, Italian Marie Claire, L’Official and French to name a few. He has exhibited his works in London, Paris and Germany.

Taki is a friend and…

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