Millemiglia: we did it.



The Moto Galloni Heritage, built with practical and technical support of Black Douglas, was not out of place at the Millemiglia, even if it’s a production bike and you can actually buy one new. I realise now that I did not take many pictures: I forgot of being a blogger. The biker in me won. When you have a Fifties Ferrari roaring at your tail you don’t think about taking a nice picture. You are concentrate on let the car pass without losing your dignity. Gosh, I could have slipped, causing a major crash involving 5 or 6 ultraexpensive classic cars for a total of 20 millions euros of damage. Sure a thing to be remembered.

I know well the Millemiglia. I’ve have been Creative Director of the Car Events Agency that managed it. But every year being in Brescia is a renowed emotion. All those gorgeous vintage cars, plus the team cars and the classic car fans that drive there their beloved. It’s a sort of Disneyland for car lovers. The fact that among all those masterpieces people appreciate the Moto Galloni I was riding it was something to be proud of. Sure to ride there from Milano it was thrilling: 200 kms on racestyle, low handlebar and a Twenties style chassis with no rear suspension gave the trip an epic dimension. Had sore wrists yesterday evening once back in my garage. But an happy soul.

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