Concorde. (The Saturday “Classic Marquis Repost”)

the marquis


If there’s a thing the embodies the energy and the recklessness of the ’60s and ’70s, well, that is the Concorde: the world’s first and only supersonic passanger aircraft. With its distinguishable delta-wings and long bended nose, it was the “jet-set” exclusive choice to fly in less than 3 hours from London to New York. Its very expensive fare would seem weird in this low cost new world.

Born from a joined french-english project, it became the proud flagship for both Air France and British Airways. Its four Rolls Royce/SNECMA Olympus engines allowed it to maintain a cruising speed of 2150 km/h (mach 2) and have a range of almost 6000 kms. First tested in 1969 but american business men and european aristocrats had to wait till 1976 for the first commercial flight that linked Paris to Rio. Since 1977 it started a daily service from Paris to New York.

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