The Thomas Crown Affair. (The Saturday “Classic Marquis repost”)

the marquis

ferrari-18wetthomas_crown_flyingthomas-crown-affair-steve-mcqueen-style-16thomas-crown-affair-faye-dunaway-chess-scenefaye-and-steve-pose-in-dunebuggy-in-the-thomas-crown-affair2-6-MPTVthomas_crown_affair_suit_4athomas-crown-affair-1968Even if you can’t stand no more Steve “The King of Cool” McQueen because he’s overhyped everywhere and since a few years he’s used as a style icon by advertisers, magazines, etc ( sad thing is there’s no living substitute.). Even if a useless ’90s remake – in which a not so bad Pierce Brosnan acts in original McQueen role – tried to tarnish the title’s reputation. Even if, “The Thomas Crown Affair” stands as probably the best movie in history if you are a gentleman with a taste for exclusive luxury cars, a well tailored suit, glamour locations. And Faye Dunaway. Directed in 1968 by Norman Jewison, it tells about a rich american tycoon, Steve himself, that sets up a robbery just for …the fun of it . And who is the insurance investigator taking care of the affair? Faye Dunaway, of course. Does your insurer look like her?

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