Moped Girls. (The Saturday Classic Marquis repost)

the marquis

n18moped 2moped 3moped 5moped 6moped 7moped 8moped 9moped 1Being born in Italy, Piaggio-land, I have a familiarity with mopeds since a young age. A Vespa 50 – and then 125 and more – was the true objet of desire, but often we had to be happy with a slow, automatic moped before joining the upper league of scooter owners. And rare were the lucky ones, rich family heirs, that when 14 years old could already ride a true 50cc bike, something very sexy, like a Fantic Caballero.

Most common moped was Piaggio Ciao. A white Ciao. White Ciaos were the equivalent of black Ford Model T. They were “The” moped. Or “motorino”, as we call it in our country. I had one too. Bought it used.  It was supposed to be bored to 60cc, with a Polini exhaust, so to reach faster speed. But, as usual happens with amateurish modifications, better performances lasted just a few weeks. Then, if…

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