A sadistic dentist riding an Harley. (Classic Sat Marquis repost)

the marquis

dentist 5dentist 6dentist 4dentist 3dentist 2dentist 1“The Little Shop of Horrors” is a 1986 movie directed by Frank Oz. It’s a sort of weird and beautiful “horror musical”, based on the off-Broadway comedy of the same name, by Menken and Ashman. The musical itself was based on a previous movie with the same title, directed in 1960 by the king of b-movies, the great Roger Corman. The movie is full of nice scenes, songs and characters but the one that I’m fond of is the Dentist character, interpreted by a fantastic Steve Martin.

In a sort of classic RnB coreography – with even three dancing black chorus girls – Martin rides his Harley Davidson, dressed as a ’50s rocker, till his studio, where a masochist patient ( Bill Murray) waits for his dose of sadistic pain. Hilarious.

Nowadays, at least in Europe – I don’t know how it is in the USA and other countries –…

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