Fiona Volpe’s golden ride.(Sat Classic Marquis repost)

the marquis

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There’s plenty of famous movie cars, often used for spectacular chases (Bullit) or even being the protagonist of the movie itself ( Christine).  It would be a really long list. Motorbikes had fewer opportunities,  but there are some interesting cases.

Even if on the screen for a short scene the fully faired gold-painted BSA Lightning in James Bond Thunderball is really a gem. Driven by an evil agent,  Fiona Volpe ( in italian volpe means fox, Fiona is instead not at all a typical italian name) interpreted by charming italian actress Luciana Paluzzi. The BSA is equipped with two rocket-missiles, that destroy Count Lippe’s car. Then the cold-hearted gal dumps the Lightning in a pond.

The chase scene was actually shoot at Silverstone. Bill Ivy, famous UK bike racer, rides the BSA, wearing a wig, to look like Fiona…

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